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Advanced Cell Laboratory for tests officially approved in Saudi Arabia
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عروض مسحة كورونا

عروض مسحة كورونا

عروض مسحة كورونا

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who are we

The cell laboratory realizes that the competition between local and international laboratories lies in one principle, which is the keenness to apply quality in every medical analysis inside the laboratory to gain God’s satisfaction first and then the customer’s confidence, which is the real gain. Therefore, the cell laboratory has been equipped and designed on the latest level of modern technology and faith With the importance of the human element, the best professors in Saudi universities were chosen, each in his subspecialty, on scientific and professional grounds.

What distinguishes us

We have specialists in clinical pathology and a consultant in histopathology, where the laboratory has a special section for tissues and cells and is considered a reference for many hospitals, medical centers and laboratories inside and outside Riyadh.

What’s new

The latest device has recently been installed on the world level from the international company Roche, where this device performs analyzes of hormones and infectious diseases as well as vitamins such as vitamin D with high accuracy and speed

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